CSIRT Maturity

The first activity that OCF is undertaking in 2017 was the stewardship of the SIM3 maturity model for CSIRTs, that is not only used by the TF-CSIRT community for the sake of “Certification”, but also has been adopted by the GFCE (Global Forum for Cyber Expertise), the NCA (Nippon CSIRT Association) that has over 200 members in Japan, several commercial companies, and is being considered for adoption by various other international CSIRT co-operations. OCF will become the primary IPR holder for SIM3, thus institutionalising SIM3 not-for-profit and securing it for the future. OCF will continue the policy of allowing free use of SIM3, however OCF will seek to maintain and improve SIM3 together with the most important users of the model. OCF will organise trainings for SIM3 “auditors” – the revenues of those trainings, plus any incoming donations, will be used to finance the maintenance/improvement of SIM3. The first of such trainings took place in March 2017 and received trainees mainly from Japan.