The Open CSIRT Foundation

Welcome to the Open CSIRT Foundation: an independent and not-for-profit organisation with a mission we believe in – stimulating and contributing to the state-of the-art in Internet security worldwide.

Wherever you find people with passion and ideals, great ideas come to the surface. This is just the same in the international cyber security community. Great ideas are not enough though – they need both action and organisation to bear fruit. Those inspired individuals with great ideas do love to take action – it’s the organisation that is often lacking. It is that ingredient that OCF seeks to contribute – and in a not-for-profit way. The ingredient necessary to help the ideas people to actually reach their goals!

Formally speaking, the “Open CSIRT Foundation”, in short OCF, is a “Stichting” under the law of The Netherlands. It was founded on 21 October 2016 as a not-for-profit foundation. The OCF’s goal is to stimulate the state-of the-art in Internet security and resilience worldwide, in order to contribute to democracy as well as personal freedom. In order to achieve that goal, the Foundation will stimulate and facilitate relevant services, research, trainings, education, standardisation, best practices and any other associated activities.