SIM3 Certified Auditor training & SIM3 development workshop

The Open CSIRT Foundation (OCF) will organise 2 events in Vilnius preceding the September 2018 TF-CSIRT, both related to CSIRT Maturity. The not-for-profit OCF shepherds the further development of the SIM3 maturity model, that is used by TF-CSIRT/TI, by ENISA for national teams in the EU, and by the NCA (Nippon CSIRT Association) in Japan. These events are:

#1: On 24-25 September a 2-day training to become a Certified SIM3 Auditor.  Certified Auditors have all the rights described there and play an important role in further improving SIM3 in the future.

This training will be given by the original author of SIM3, Don Stikvoort MSc, together with Dr. Klaus-Peter Kossakowski and Mirosław Maj.

The training comes at a fee – which will be published soon (based on not-for-profit, therefore depending on logistics).

The training is ended with a short exam – providing you have experience in the CSIRT field, and providing you pay attention during the training, you will pass that exam.

#2: From 09:00-14:00 on 26 September a SIM3 development workshop. All trainees of the training #1 are invited there, plus other interested users or future users of SIM3. Together we’ll analyse and brainstorm the areas of SIM3 that can use improvement/expansion. The output of this workshop will be taken on board for the development of SIM3v2 – scheduled for 2019.

This workshop will be free for the training participants. It may come at a minimal fee for others to cover logistics cost – if so this will be published soon.

If you are interested to join the training and/or the workshop, write us please!